Beads by Create nourish move

Hand crafted jewelry for your life, travels and practice. Bead by bead, step by step, style that moves with your flow.

To place your order, please include the following in message: item name, size, colors desired, fringe or no fringe (when applicable).

Designs are subject to change, as all Create Nourish Move jewelry is handmade and unique!

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The Summit Earring

Size medium shown in image.

Small - $30. Choose 1-2
Medium - $40. Choose 1-3 colors
Large - $55. Choose 1-5 colors
Extra Large- $75. Choose 1- 5 colors


The Essaouira Earring

One Size.

With Fringe: $85.
Without Fringe: $75.


The Islander Earring

One Size. $65.

Choose 1-4 colors.


The Laguna Earring

Size medium shown in image

Small - $35. - Choose 1- 4 colors
Medium - $50. Choose 1-5 colors
Large - $75. Choose 1-6 colors

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