Part of yoga is giving back. Seva, in Sanskrit, means selfless service. I love animals and want to do my part to give back to those who have less opportunity for a healthy, happy life. Here on Little Corn Island there is an abundance of stray dogs and cats, who need vaccinations, medications and to be spayed and neutered. NicaVets volunteer their time once a year from mainland Nicaragua, to spay, neuter and give us the services we need for our furry island friends. 20% of your pet portrait purchase, will go to support NicaVets Little Corn Island project so we can continue to take care of the animals here. 

Want to capture the essence of your best (furry) friend? I strive to reflect your pet's personality through art! All you need to do is send your favorite picture <3 


- 9x12 $250 - one pet/ single coloured background

- 10x14 $300 - one pet/single colored background 

- additional subject - $75 each

- detailed background - $35