Your Practice, Your Paradise


Your Practice, Your Paradise


3 Day Home Retreat

Welcome to paradise! This retreat is designed to help you develop a home practice that you love. Paradise is where you make it, and I believe we get the chance to create that space every time we roll out our yoga mats. Over this course, you will develop habits to commit to your yoga practice, try out different flows that works towards peak poses, and contemplate which poses you love, which poses are challenging and which you want to work towards. You’ll finish up with the confidence to continue your practice in a way you love, and a home sequence made for YOU that you can continue to practice.

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Create your practice paradise!

This online retreat can be done any time, during your work week, over a weekend, or spread over a longer period. Get ready to explore yoga postures, vinyasa flow, meditation practices, and dig deeper into what your perfect practice would look like. I am so excited to get to explore home practice together and offer you the space discover what loving your yoga is like. In this document you’ll find your schedule and directions on how to access your full online retreat.




* 6 hours of video and practice exercises

  • Welcome and Introduction

  • 1 Intention Setting Exercise - Motive Mojo

  • 3 60 Minute Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes, led by Haily Cryan - Flow on the Go

  • 3 Home Practice Building Exercises - Mon Moment

  • 3 Evening Home Practice Activities, meditation, journaling or reflection - Nightcap

  • Integration and Closing Exercise Video - Self Celebration


  • Additional resources on sequencing, home practice and deepening your practice

  • Sequence Template

Community and Support

  • Access to Your Practice Your Paradise Facebook Group - (if signed up before 1/1/2019)

    => BONUS : if registered before 1/1/2019 I will personally review your final sequence!

  • Quick response to questions via email

  • Technical support via email



Day 1

  • Welcome! Introduction

  • Set your Intention with your 'Motive Mojo’

  • Make Your Own Sunshine, Vinyasa Flow to Start Your Day

  • Mon Moment - Unpack Your Yoga Suitcase, Setting Up a Satvic Space

  • Nightcap - Happy Place Meditation

Day 2

  • Build Heat - Find Your Flow, Vinyasa Flow Peak Bird of Paradise

  • Mon Moment - Paradise Postures, Journaling Exercise 

  • Nightcap - Right Here - Right Now, Present Moment Meditation

Day 3

  • Yoga Hideaway to Find Refuge On Your Mat, Relaxing Vinyasa Flow

  • Mon Moment - Dig Deep, Reflective Journal Exercise 

  • Nightcap - Paradise Practice, Create Your Own Sequence

  • Self Celebration - Integration, Yoga Hammock



It’s very easy!

  • Click on “ADD TO CART” and proceed to the payment.

  • Download the Welcome Your Practice Your Paradise PDF file.

  • Follow the instructions and the link to access to your materials

  • Build up your Paradise!